After working closely with them all year and watching their wholesome and unremitting efforts to build strong and friendly relations between your League and our savings institutions, one should certainly take this bit of time to salute the field service department. Our League and our business are much beholden to you.


Full well does your national trade organization recognize the existence of many questions at the management level in our associations. For some time now, a program has been under way to furnish to directors and to the senior executives pamphlets or manuals covering each of such problems. The past several years, in addition to those already mentioned, there has been prepared material on such matters as: The Sale of Money Orders; Safe Deposit Services; Handling of Travelers Checks; Proxy Voting; The Cashing of Checks; Organization and Compensation of Executive and General Staff Personnel. Thus, your League maintains a constant watchfulness to be aware of the agencies of its membership and to take care of them.


Some 3,000 of our member savings institutions are currently using the services of our Advertising Division. This particular department of our League is completely self-supporting. It prepares material on any type of advertising such as direct mail, radio, newspapers, house organs, and television. Its services range all the way from handling the special public relations problems of the individual association to syndicated materials. Through it, a specialized complete advertising service is available. To me the realization of the hope of my immediate predecessor. Past President General Ralph M. Smith, our staunch New England friend and respected leaders for a national advertising program to be conducted by your League in the interests of our entire business is an essential. One must be realistic and recognize that there exist sincere differences of opinion on the method of accomplishing such a program. However, there should be a continued effort to resolve all important variances in thinking on this subject in order that such a vital objective may come to fruition.