Not long ago, your , nationwide trade organization upon invitation participated in a Rational meeting of material men, furnishes of home equipment, lumber dealers, arid financial institutional lenders to determine and to explore the possibilities inherent in soundly financing American families to a more complete home unit. To many of the business leaders in that gathering, held in New York City, under the auspices of the Architectural Forum, for the first time came a realization of the importance of our savings associations in the field of home financing. Of equal moment was the discovery of our desire and of our availability to do the job that for years they have been wanting done. The financing of home improvements and equipment can be accomplished better, quicker, and with less financing cost to the borrower than has been true up to this point. In the field of consumer financing, there is much we can do under the additional advance provisions in our mortgage contracts or; through financing or refinancing on a mortgage basis with absorption of costs by the institution. It is a field of considerable earning power that as yet is untouched by most of us. If developed, it can; become a sound outlet for the investment of a goodly portion of the savings entrusted to us and, at the same time, provide a type of fundamental public since we were created to fulfill. The stimulation of this idea of merchandising; our services presents a real challenge and opportunity to us.

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