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Futiki Point Resort Funding

Here is the stew I’m in…..

1)50 yr old American born national living overseas for 20 years
2)Married to a sweet Filipina for 17 yrs
3)Have Philippine corp. 40% mine, 60% hers by law named FEG
4)FEG has 20 hectares (about 60 acres) with 1/2 mile sand beach
5)Has 3 concrete bldg, spring and 8000 fruit trees; 400 mahogany trees
6)Environmental impact study & certificate in hand
7)Project feasibility, building permits and all other Gov. req.
8)Zoned Beach and Forest Commercial; named Futiki Point Resort
9)Appraised value by independent firm in 1997 at $2.15 million
10)No liens or loans
11)Wife and I have 30 yrs dive instruction experience
12)I have 25 yrs experience as a construction manager/engineer
13)I have 3 years developing dive tourism and managing 6 dive shops
14)Have liquid assets of less than $30k, need $1million:

I would like contact information for securing a loan or investors to finish building a resort in Busuanga, Palawan. The Land, Design, Operating Licenses, Building Permits, and the Phil. Environmental Clearance Certificate are in hand. In addition, a Land Appraisal and Project Feasibility study are ready for review.

100K and 250K loans needed Immediately!

I have someone needing two loans immediately. I hope someone can help with these. First, customer is seeking 100K loan payable within 45 days. The 100K is needed in order to proceed with a 50M loan which he is already approved for and will be granted within 30 days. The 100K is needed within 3 days, July 7th so his deal can be closed. Second, he is also seeking a 250K short term loan for a 57M project in which the 57M has already been granted. The 250K is needed in order to receive the 57M to close his deal.

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