If You Find Yourself In Difficult Financial Situation

Secured personal loan are intended for people to meet their requirements whether it’s for developing a business or buying a new house. A secured personal loan is multipurpose so it’s up to you to decide how to use the borrowed funds. These give the opportunity to people deal with their problems in a most convenient and beneficial way.

Although a secured personal loan can be taken for any purpose, the most common are the following:
home improvement, debt consolidation, arranging a wedding, development of business, educational bills. Certainly, it’s not a full list as the purposes of obtaining a loan varies from person to person. Continue reading “If You Find Yourself In Difficult Financial Situation”


Not long ago, your , nationwide trade organization upon invitation participated in a Rational meeting of material men, furnishes of home equipment, lumber dealers, arid financial institutional lenders to determine and to explore the possibilities inherent in soundly financing American families to a more complete home unit. To many of the business leaders in that gathering, held in New York City, under the auspices of the Architectural Forum, for the first time came a realization of the importance of our savings associations in the field of home financing. Continue reading “SAVINGS AND LOAN ANNALS”


Some 3,000 of our member savings institutions are currently using the services of our Advertising Division. This particular department of our League is completely self-supporting. It prepares material on any type of advertising such as direct mail, radio, newspapers, house organs, and television. Its services range all the way from handling the special public relations problems of the individual association to syndicated materials. Continue reading “SAVINGS AND LOAN ANNALS”